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Member Standards

Trade at your own risk, practice patience & keep your emotions in check. Always. Demanding or complaining about lack of updates or 'bad calls' is a no-no in our groups & premium areas. Charts are updated for quality swing-trade positions, not scalp & occasionally day-trade positions (& whenever possible).

Technical Analysis Level

This Premium Membership is designed for users who already have some knowledge in technical analysis but are struggling to be profitable in real trading. If you have been following dobe4ever on YouTube for at least 3 months & you're serious about learning, this membership will help you get to the next level.

Trading Mindset

Being profitable in trading in a consistent basis requires a very strong mindset. Avoid trading based on greed, fear, worry or boredom when you want to do it the most. You will need to manage your emotions & stay level headed in the group chats when markets don't go your way & emotions run high.

What's included

Telegram Rooms

Telegram group

A 24/7 place to talk crypt & interact with other members. All trading & crypto content.

Telegram channel

Notifications from dobe4ever only, for charts, videos or anything related to the membership.

Elite Telegram group

For members who can score 90% of 25 trading questions. Each question links to our course or tutorial where answer can be found.

Website Premium Areas


Market updates organized by coin & by date so it's easy to follow up & monitor performance.


Premium tutorials in video format on different techniques, strategies & indicators.

2019 hodl portfolio

Mini series of 3 videos where you will watch me invest $2k into 10 different coins & hodl till 2020.

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Pay in crypto!

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