Support & FAQs

I’m a registered user. How do I make the payment?

If you are already a registered user & want to extend your membership or if you didn’t complete the payment before registration you can go to the payment page to complete the payment & email me with your transaction ID & your account will be processed.

Why is my account pending approval?

Most likely your account is not approved because you did not make a payment yet. Your account will not be reviewed until payment is confirmed. You can send payment from the payment page & email me with your transaction ID & I will process your account.

If you are already registered but didn’t make a payment yet you can do so here.

I haven’t received my confirmation email after payment

1 – Please check your spam email. If the email is there please add it to your white list so emails from this website won’t go to the spam folder in the future.

2 – If the email is not in your spam folder & you are sure your payment is confirmed on the blockchain, just try to log in with the email & password you register earlier. If your payment was received & confirmed on the blockchain your account will probably be approved regardless of the notification email.

3 – If you are unable to login & you are sure your payment is confirmed on the blockchain please contact me at

4 – If you are having a different problem please check the other FAQs

I’m having other problems logging in or registering

Reason #1:
The most common reasons for not being able to log in is because you haven’t made the payment yet, so your account is still pending approval or because you haven’t registered for premium membership yet. If you are not sure how to make the payment or how to register for premium membership please read carefully the section ‘become a premium member’ & follow the simple instructions.
However, If you already made the payment & you’re still not able to log in after 24 hours or are having a different issue please continue reading.

Reason #2:
Another reason why you might be having problems logging in or registering could be due to this website using an aggressive anti-spam & anti-hack system. It’s possible this system thinks you are a bot, a hacker or a spammer. If you are a legit user & think the system is blocking you unfairly please contact me so I can check the reasons for the block & help you solve this issue.

For any other reasons please contact me at

How do I access the Telegram groups?

You will be able to access our Telegram invite links on the button that says ‘Telegram’ once you are registered & logged in as a premium member. To become a premium member please go to ‘become a premium member’ on the left of this website & follow the simple instructions. Remember your account won’t be processed for approval until payment is received & confirmed on the blockchain. Once your payment is confirmed you can come back & login with the email & password you registered earlier on this website.

How do I become a premium member?

Before you apply for premium membership please make sure you read & understand what’s included in this premium membership by reading the section ‘about premium membership’ & also read & understand the terms of use & disclaimer.

Once you are ready to become a premium member go to ‘register’. Make the payment & then register your account using your transaction ID as proof of payment. Your account will be pending approval until payment is received & verified & confirmed on the blockchain.

Your account will be approved within 24 after payment confirmation.

Using an invalid or duplicated transaction ID might result in a permanent ban. The transaction ID field in the registration form will accept one single ID per user, if you try to use a transaction ID that was already verified by another user, your IP address & email may be blocked from accessing this website for life, this means you won’t be able to access premium nor free content.


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