Interview with Marc de Mesel

Hi guys here’s your regular dose of technical analysis & trading. In this video I interview Marc De Mesel, crypto investor since 2012, fan of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), owner of a lambo & millionaire. Thanks Marc for sharing your wisdom!



Who is Marc 0:00

Marc interviews Helga 1:36

Marc first bad experience investing 8:29

Questions start 16:02

What happens to BCH if LN is successful? 16:26

Thoughts on Bitmain owning 1M BCH 36:41

How likely is for BCH & BTC to reach new ATH in 3-5 years? 40:13

Will we see a flip or will institutional investors not see the problems at BTC 44:38

Marc’s income streams during bear markets 54:51

Investing opportunities right now? 57:28

Oil & commodities as an investment 1:02:57

What’s the biggest threat to BCH & how to mitigate it? 1:03:27

What’s Marc doing to increase BCH adoption? 1:07:24

Which are the cryptos Marc owns 1:10:08

Are tokens on BCH a good thing? 1:10:26

Does Marc trade or BTFD? 1:17:30

Will another coin like ETH rise up during the next bear to bull market? 1:27:24

Random conversation about life, money, crypto etc 1:38:20


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