Weed Stocks

Private Trading room


Hi guys, so I’ve been noticing lately an increased interest in marijuana stocks, and it’s not surprising because the price of these stocks has soared recently, similar to the gains we’ve seen in cryptocurrencies in 2017. So I decided I’d create a private trading room via Telegram dedicated exclusively to marijuana stocks. In here we share charts, news, events & any related info that could be useful regarding trading marijuana stocks. So we can all stay informed & benefit from a dedicated community, help each other & ultimately make better trading decisions. I trade CGC (Canopy Growth Corporation) with BTC at: 1broker.com


  • Price to join is $50 USD & there’s no expiry date FOR NOW.
  • When/If we reach 100 members I will add different subscription plans with expiry dates.
  • If you want to join, please message me via Telegram @dobe4ever.
  • Pay with: BCH, BTC, LTC or ETH. I will provide you an address on Telegram.


As of today, 13 September 2018, this trading room is in testing mode. I will reevaluate at the end of the year & might close it if hype for marijuana stocks fades away.