Thomas DeMark trendlines tutorial – Effective technique for short-sell targets

Hi guys a quick tutorial here on the Tom DeMark trend lines strategy.

Opposed to classic technical analysis, this technique is to be used alone, and not in combination with other indicators. It’s important to note that the way of drawing trendlines (according to Tom DeMark) should be from right to left and not from left to right like in traditional technical analysis & only using the two most recent touches instead of ‘the more touches the better’ or ‘the older in time the touches the better’ like in classic analysis. Also see how the stop loss is set using a different rule than the one used on classic trading.

There is a lot of math behind this technique but I’m not going into the details as for why the strategy works, I only show how to use it. I think people are interested in results, not details & I don’t want to make my free videos 2 hours long. If you’re interested to know more about it you can research Tom DeMark trend lines on google 😉

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